Grenada, Hog Island: Assault and kidnap – July 2016

Update: Two men are now in police custody and multiple charges have been filed – see a link to update at bottom of the report.

Published 7 years ago, updated 4 years ago

As reported by the Caribbean Security & Safety Net.[Broken Link]

DATE: 2016-07-30

Country Name: Grenada

Location Detail: Grenada Hog Island

EVENT: Assault


At approximately 1700 on Saturday 30th July 2016, a male cruiser left his wife aboard and took his dog by dinghy for a walk on the east end of Hog Island.

After a short, while he was met by 3 English speaking men and was greeted in a friendly manner, he continued the walk.

After about 20 minutes he began his return to the dinghy and encountered a family of 5, who played with the dog for a few minutes. Continuing the walk, and almost back to the dinghy he encountered the same 3 men, who invited him to join them. When the cruiser did so, one of the men, the Primary Perpetrator (PP), produced a small handgun, pointed it at him, and demanded that the cruiser dinghy them out to the yacht, stating that the cruiser, the family of 5, and the dog would all be killed if the cruiser refused and that the 3 would then go to the vessel (where the cruiser’s wife had remained).

At approximately 1800, the cruiser transported 2 of the perpetrators, (PP) and a 2nd Perpetrator (2P), to the anchored yacht, where the PP demanded that the cruising couple haul anchor and provide transport to Puerto Rico. The yacht’s engine had not functioned for several weeks, but the PP demanded that the couple sail out of the bay and then to Puerto Rico. It was clear neither perpetrator had skills as a mariner.

The couple complied, but the yacht went aground while leaving the bay and was unable to proceed. The PP assaulted both the husband and wife as well as his accomplice (2P) while showing signs of instability, sometimes mumbling and shouting incoherently at no one.

At approximately 1930 the PP forced the wife and the 2P into the dinghy, indicating that he would hold the wife hostage until the husband freed the yacht and they were able to proceed to Puerto Rico. The dinghy was then taken to the mainland of Grenada, landing in the area of Fort Jeudy (approx. 1.5 miles away). PP forced the wife and the 2P to proceed to an unoccupied home with him. Over the next few hours, PP continued to assault both the wife and the 2P.

At approximately 2330, the PP forced the wife and the 2P to return to the dinghy and attempted to return to the yacht. On approach, the presence of other vessels engaged in assisting the husband with the stranded yacht discouraged the PP from re-boarding and hijacking the yacht. They returned to shore, PP and 2P eventually departed, and the wife was able to return by dinghy to the yacht at about 0100, July 31st.

Those assisting the yacht were then informed of the circumstances and the authorities were summoned, and the Grenada Coast Guard arrived promptly to provide assistance. They remained with the yacht overnight, while the couple received medical treatment, which is ongoing. The yacht has been refloated but was damaged.

The primary perpetrator (PP) has been identified and is being sought by the local police.

CSSN NOTE: This report is classified as second hand, we would like to thank the close friends in direct contact with the victims who provided the report on their behalf.

FOOTNOTE: The boat sustained significant damage as it was grounded on a reef. The Cruising Community have shown incredible support and a “gofundme” was started, with over $5000 raised in 2 days.

Update August 11th, 2016

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