Grenada, Clarke’s Court Bay: Attempted Theft of Chained and Locked Dinghy – September 2014

As reported by the Caribbean Security and Safety Net.

Published 8 years ago, updated 4 years ago

COUNTRY: Grenada LOCATION: Clarke’s Court Bay EVENT: Attempted Theft [Broken Link]

DATE: 2014-09-22

COUNTRY: Grenada

LOCATION: Granada Clarke’s Court Bay

EVENT: Attempted Theft

Stolen Items: None. Attempted Theft of Chained and Locked Dinghy. Would-be thief and accessory caught.


DETAILS: About midnight, one man boarded via swim platform. The occupant of vessel entered cockpit with iPhone light and perpetrator jumped into the water and swam to a fishing boat, where an accomplice was waiting for him. A fishing boat is called “SPOIL CHILD”. Security’ call was put out over VHF channel 68, an air horn was sounded and nearby cruisers lit up the cove with spotlights on the fishing boat. Fellow cruisers circled the fishing boat in their dinghies while spotlights were held until the Grenada Coast Guard arrived and took the two men (one soaking wet from the sea) and their boat into custody. They were turned over to the police. Eyewitness reports were made with the GCG and the Grenada Police Dept. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Grenada chose not to charge them and released them.

Read on CSSN Website[Broken Link]

See a first-hand report of this incident on the Grenada Cruisers Facebook Page.

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