Grenada, Clarke’s Court Bay: Attempted Robbery of Yacht at Anchor

Two men were discovered onboard a yacht at anchor at Clarke’s Court Bay, Grenada, but were deterred by the skipper and fled when confronted.

Published 12 months ago


DATE: 2022-03-28 05:25
LOCATION: Grenada – Clarke’s Court Bay
EVENT: Attempted Robbery
STOLEN ITEMS:  None, Not Successful.



The captain of a yacht anchored near Woburn discovered two men onboard the deck of his yacht at 0530HRS. He challenged their presence verbally and made clear his willingness to discharge the flare he had pointed at them from three meters. They quickly retreated to their waiting pirogue, described as orange with a blue stripe.

The captain was not injured and the thieves were not successful. A police report was made.

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