Grenada, Chemin Bay: Three yachts vandalised overnight – September 2016

Published 8 years ago, updated 5 years ago

As reported by the Caribbean Safety & Security Net[Broken Link]

DATE: 2016-09-26

Country Name: Grenada

Location Detail: Grenada Chemin Bay

EVENT: Burglary

Stolen Items: Flare gun



Three yachts moored on private moorings in Chemin Bay were similarly vandalized overnight. All were unoccupied but locked. All 3 boats were ransacked. Lockers were opened and the contents were strewn about the cabin sole. Power tools, hand tools, cell phones, and radios were left behind, only a flare gun was taken from one of the affected yachts.

The police and Coast Guard were notified.

The police believe the thief stole a local dinghy to gain access, it was found abandoned in the nearby mangroves. The police indicated that they have a suspect who is known to have done this type of thing previously.

CSSN NOTE: These 3 incidents are very similar to 3 that occurred in this same bay in late 2014, the thief seemingly had a “shopping list” on those occasions as well. Details of other incidents on the CSSN website.[Broken Link]

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