Grenada: Burglary at Port Louis Marina – August 2016

Burglary from a cabin in a secured yacht while owners were ashore.

Published 8 years ago, updated 5 years ago

As reported by the Caribbean Security & Safety Net.[Broken Link]

DATE: 2016-08-17

Country Name: Grenada

Location Detail: Port Louis Marina

EVENT: Burglary

Stolen Items: Two bags containing a passport, wallet with identification as well as about US$300 in cash.


The sesame-type combination padlock on the salon door was jimmied or leveraged apart while the owners and crew were off the boat during the day. Bags were stolen from inside and the lock was put back in place. The owners thought the lock had failed (they had to use a slightly different combination to get it open) due to salt water corrosion, so they discarded and replaced it. The owners were not aware of the theft at the time it occurred but became aware of the theft when a local woman who found some of the non-cash items returned them a few days later. A report was made to the marina and police.

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