Greece: Update from Evia after the Fires

While the northern part of the Greek island of Evia was devastated by fire in July, cruisers have reported that all anchorages and services are fine and open for business as usual.

Published 3 years ago

In the August Newsletter Noonsite incorrectly stated that all of the Greek island of Evia had been completely devastated by fire.

It is in fact only the northern part of the island that has suffered extensive fire damage, with the forest destroyed in a large area from just north of Limni on the west coast across to Agia Anna.

Business as Usual

The good news is that all ports, coastal resorts, both boatyards, all anchorages and services are fine and open for business as usual according to Ray Leather of SY Anouki who has lived in North Evia for nine years.

“The fire damage, although extensive, is mostly in dense forest areas.   The ports, holiday resorts and the two boatyards where many people, including us, haul out for the winter are not affected and are trading as normal. Sadly, fires have become a part of summer life in the Med,” he said.

Reinhard Kramm on SY Reyka recently sailed the length of Evia from the southern part to the north-western end.  He told Noonsite that during four days sailing he passed an area of burnt forest, but the rest of the island was “a lot of very nice green forest”.  He sent the following photos for Noonsite’s readers.

A burnt out area of Evia on the northern part of the island.
The bridge at Chalki in the middle of Evia is operating as usual, in our case at three in the morning on August 22.
At anchor at the north tip of Evia with the island on the left.
Great sailing in the waters off Evia

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