Greece: Three Weeks in Rhodes

An update on the new marina in Rhodes

Published 6 years ago

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The Rhodes Marina

We were in the Rhodes Marina (new) for three weeks during the latter half of August. The marina’s growing pains continue, but there’s a lot of good to report also. The staff work long hours, and it seems that someone is around and available on VHF during daylight hours. There is no pilot boat. Most boats tie stern too on the windward pier. The Meltemi assists in holding the boats off the pier. Speaking of the Meltemi, Rhodes Marina is by far the windiest marina we have ever been in. Gusts exceeding 30 knots are not uncommon. With the wind, comes dust and after a week or so boats are filthy.

Banking info

We want to warn about the Euronet ATM near the office. We are from the states and this is our first port in the EU. When I attempted to pay for our stay at the marina office I was told they cannot accept credit cards. They said to go to the Euronet ATM. We owed 620 Euros and I told the staff that I’ve never been able to get that much from any ATM. She said I could from this ATM. She was right. It would not accept my Visa card but did accept my bank ATM card. During the transaction, the ATM quoted an exchange rate of .7725 Euros to the dollar. The official exchange rate was .86 to the dollar and I can get that at Alpha bank which is nearby. Anyway, the transaction cost me a lot more than I thought it should and needing to use my bank ATM card piled it on. At the time, I thought the marina and Euronet were pulling a scam on us non-EU sailors, but later, we extended our stay and the marina could accept credit cards. We extended again, and they couldn’t. The staff member mumbled something about the marina’s credit. At that point, I was willing to give the marina a pass on the scam allegation, but Euronet will never see another transaction from us.

Around Town

Restaurants and a small market are open on the property and nearby are many more. There is an excellent chandlery across the street and at least three large supermarkets and many smaller “supermarkets.” It seems that any store that sells anything in the way of food, calls itself a supermarket. There is also a Public store that sells computer-related equipment and books. We bought travel books there. And, a Joy store that sells kitchen and home supplies.

Here are directions to find these places. I’ll explain it as simply as I can, but not necessarily the shortest route. At the entrance to the marina is a traffic light. At that intersection, if you turn left and follow the sidewalk you will find two large supermarkets 2.2 kilometres away. The stores are on each side of the street across from each other. It is sidewalk all the way from the marina and the Meltemi will give you a tailwind on the way back.

Back at the intersection, if you cross the street and go straight you will find restaurants and a short distance farther the Joy store on the opposite side. If after crossing the street you turn right there are several restaurants, a bakery, and the chandlery. Continuing on, walk until the busy street on your right curves to the right. Remember this intersection as we will come back to it. If you follow the busy street to the right, it will lead to the Alpha Bank, three more restaurants, and the Public store. Across the street from all this is the marina and a shortcut can be had by going over a low railing to leave or return to the marina. Now, back to that last intersection. If you go straight here it leads to the old town and the harbour. Along the way are many automobile-related shops and several small chandleries and machine shops.

From that intersection again toward old town, take the first street leading left. Follow the street to the first busy street which is Kanada (Canada) and turn right for about two streets. You will see the Nannou Supermarket on your left. Google maps said it was 600 meters from our boat at the Marina. This is a well-stocked store and if you spend 50 Euros there, they will deliver you and your groceries back to the marina. If you continue on Kanada street toward old town, there is a gas station and several more stores.

Back at that last intersection again, walking toward old town to the first street leading to the right and you will find an excellent hardware store with some marine hardware and marine equipment.

Donald Bryden

Seishu Sono

SV Quetzalcoat

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