Greece, Egina (Aigina): Attempted Theft at Planaco Boatyard – November 2018

Aegina Island | Planaco Boat Yard. Attempted theft/robbery (First-hand report)

Published 6 years ago

Captain Piri says:

Nov 23, 2018 05:15 AM

Aegina Island | Planaco Boat Yard. Attempted theft/robbery (First-hand report)

While the boat was on the hardstand, at about 0420 hrs tonight (23.11.2018), an unknown person climbed up the ladder and tried to get inside the boat. I was sleeping in the aft cabin and awakened by the sound on deck. When I saw a leg through the open port light and noticed that someone was trying to open the washboards, I screamed very loudly to get off my boat and the suspect ran away.

I immediately contacted the boatyard security, who were not very helpful and the person on duty was scared to chase the suspect. After an intensive search by myself through the boatyard, a guy jumped off another boat and left the boatyard on the NE side through a dry river bed.

It turned out that the surveillance camera system in the boatyard is not working at all and no records were made. The security company strongly refused to call the police and only forced the security person, who was on duty during the incident, to write an internal report.

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