Great Customer Service Bosch, Istanbul

Published 12 years ago, updated 5 years ago

In April last year, we bought 3 Bosch batteries from Anfora Yacht Equipment in Marmaris, being assured that they were deep cycle. We thought that for a reputable brand they were good value.

By the time we were in Sicily in August, it was obvious that they were failing. Consultation with Bosch UK revealed that they were cranking batteries not deep cycle. When we contacted Anfora they suggested that we needed to return the batteries to activate the warranty. This was not very practical!

We then contacted Bosch (Turkey) more from the view that they could “educate” Anfora rather than expecting much return.

However, extended correspondence with Tuncay Karamahmutoglu at Bosch Turkey (Istanbul) including sending him the original warranty certificates and receipt from Anfora, has now resulted in a full refund of the cost of the batteries, paid to us in cash by a Bosch agent here in Cartagena.

Given the gripes with suppliers often reported, it is good to be able to record such excellent service, especially given that we had moved a considerable distance from the original supplier.

Graeme Mulcahy


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