Grand Cayman, West Bay: Locked outboard stolen – November 2013

Published 9 years ago, updated 4 years ago

My catamaran is moored at a Private Dock at “The Shores” in West Bay Grand Cayman. This is a gated community of upscale homes. I am renting the dock there until I return to the States in a few months. I am currently off island and back in the US.


One of my cousins who lives on the island checked on the boat almost daily. Two to three days ago he checked the boat, and found the 20 HP Outboard and compass at the helm were missing.


The motor was actually locked to the cat by a cable. The cat is a voyage 440 with a dedicated swim platform on the stern where the dingy sits out of the water. It was on the swim platform out of the water at time of theft.


It has been reported to the police and I am waiting on a police report to turn over to my insurance company. The police have come to the boat and taken finger prints.

Ironically I have sailed throughout the Caribbean for the last 4 years to include Venezuela and Cuba. We spent considerable time on St. Vincent where many avoid, however, cannot say enough about the people and how well we were treated. Those 4 years have given me wonderful times and I was never in danger or did I have anything stolen. I then returned temporally to my birthplace which is certainly one of the richest islands in the Caribbean, to have my outboard stolen!

Nowhere is safe.

William Bodden

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