French Polynesia, Huahine: Burgled while having dinner ashore – October 2018

Boat was boarded and money stolen while at anchor in Huahine.

Published 4 years ago

After several lovely months in French Polynesia, encountering nothing but friendly people, we finally got robbed.

We were at anchor in Avea Bay in Huahine on the 11th October, 2018. The incident happened between 6-8.30 pm while we were at dinner ashore.

We were anchored in the middle of the small bay about 600 feet away from shore. There were 2 yachts and two houseboats anchored nearby.

We stupidly did not lock up the boat when we left to go ashore and the thieves easily found our wallets on a shelf in the bedroom.

They did not find our hidden stash so we only lost about $800.

The boat was in order and not vandalized.

We know they swam aboard because the floors were wet and one of our towels had been used.

We notified the resort (Relais Mahana) but not the police, which is quite a ways away in Fare.

We had visited this bay in June and had been ashore to eat with no problems. In all of our months in French Polynesia, we have never had a problem and have only encountered friendly and helpful people.

The only locals we spoke with were the staff at the restaurant. We have no jewelry on board and don’t flash money. I think this was done by some local “kids“ who just saw an easy way to get cash.

Having spoken with a French sailor who has been here for 5 years, apparently petty theft is a common occurrence in this Bay. Never aggressive though. We can still recommend this island and this Bay, just make sure you lock your boat and leave the deck lights on when you leave the boat in the evening.

Leonie De Ramus

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