Fernando de Noronha, Brazil – Update

Published 16 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Hello Noonsite,

Your site is invaluable, thank you for all the info!

We were in Fernando de Noronha a couple of months ago (let’s see… March ’08), and were shocked to find that they do now have an immigration agent there. They expect everyone to arrive with the appropriate visas. It took a lot of standing around looking as tired as we could, repeating the same excuses, waiting… to finally get an okay to stay three days (because we had a baby and therefore needed the rest).

Every nationality in the anchorage agreed, whether they had a visa issue or not, it would have been better to skip this island. It was CRAZY expensive. Your current anchor/park fees seem about right – we paid $120/day for a rolly anchorage. Produce was wilty and mushy, it was worse than what I had on board, which had come from St. Helena or even South Africa! All the food was expensive. A side order of fried manioc (basically french fries) was $9. Diesel $10/gallon. No fun.

The main thing is that it is now an official port of clearance and visas are expected.

S/V Suela California, USA

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