Entering Mexico with a Pet (Dog)

Published 14 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Posted 2010-02-11

For anyone who’s interested, we recently had a 7 day crossing to Isla Mujeres, Mexico with our 15-year-old dog. We arrived on Sunday and did not get checked in until Tuesday, Monday was a holiday. We hired an agent from the Marina Paraiso to check us in. He made all the copies of our papers and phone calls to the appropriate agencies.

Prior to departing TX, I took our dog to the local vet and she gave me a state certificate of health stating that the dog was free of any contagious diseases. Unfortunately, she forgot to put that he was free of internal and external parasites.

They required that I see the local vet in Mexico. He came aboard, never looked at the dog, who was sleeping on the bow, and asked if he took heartworm and when the last time I used “frontline” was. He went back to his office and typed up 2 letters of clearance for me, one in Spanish and one in English. We were charged 200 pesos. I noticed after I received the letters that he didn’t state that the dog was free of parasites either! Apparently, it was just a way for them to get another local paid.

Long of the short is, make sure you have up to date Rabies, and a state health certificate that includes the statement that your pet is free of parasites as well as any infectious diseases. There was no additional cost to check in the dog.

Jules Meckem

Posted 2010-04-06

I concur with the above post. We also checked in to Mexico at Marina Paraiso, Isla Mujeres. We have 2 dogs aboard and have been to the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Jamaica (they couldn’t get off the boat), Panama, Honduras, the Colombian Island of Providencia, and now Mexico.

We paid 500 Pesos for the local vet to “review” our paperwork (immunizations records, complete medical histories, copies of the packaging for our flea and parasite prophylactics, and a copy of the package for our heartworm prophylactic). Both dogs have been ID chipped, and it’s a REALLY good idea to have this done in the States!!!!

Long story short – the veterinarian didn’t even come to the boat, never looked at or examined either dog and gave us a typed document stating that our animals were “visibly free from parasitic infection.”

Mordito, all the way!!!! This has by far, been the most expensive location regarding the importation of pets. I can hardly wait to see what Belize will want…




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