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Published 22 years ago, updated 6 years ago

The anchorage of the main settlement at Hanga Roa is as rolly and unprotected as ever. Following several mishaps, the port captain no longer allows boats to be left at anchor unattended, so someone must remain on board at all times. The alternative is to try and enter the small harbour at Hanga Piko. This must be done with a local pilot, who will charge around 100 US dollars. Protection inside the small port is adequate, but the port captain warned that one could be stuck in there for a long time if there are much surge and the swell breaks over the narrow entrance. Going in without local knowledge or advice must be avoided at all cost. Contact the port captain Fabian on email:[email protected]

We also anchored in the small bay at Anakena, on the north coast. In settled weather, this is a beautiful anchorage, but like anywhere else on Easter Island the weather must be monitored constantly as it can change without any warning.

Since our first visit in 1977 we found much development on the island (not all for the better!) Most people only seem to be interested in the tourist dollar, but at least this means that one can always find a fisherman to take you to and from your boat (price negotiable, but the going rate is about 10 dollars per day), and also to buy and deliver fuel to the boat. Fuel is cheaper than on the Chilean mainland, but having it delivered to the boat can be costly (around 100 dollars). We used Peter, who was very reliable but not cheap. The market has some local fresh produce, but most food is imported from the mainland. There are several supermarkets and the selection is very good. The best way to visit the magnificent sites is by rental car (around 50 dollars per day).

Jimmy Cornell, Aventura III

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