Dominican Republic, Luperon: Outboard Motor Stolen from Moored Yacht

A 15HP Yamaha Outboard was stolen from an unoccupied yacht on a mooring by thieves who boarded the vessel and used a hacksaw to cut a padlock holding the Outboard to the transom.

Published 2 years ago

As Reported by CSSN.

DATE: 2021-09-17  03:00

LOCATION: Dominican Republic – Luperon
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS:   15HP Yamaha Outboard


DETAILS:   Overnight, thieves boarded an unoccupied yacht on a mooring near the marina dock. They used a hacksaw/blade to cleanly cut the padlock that locked the transom clamps to each other while the 15HP Yamaha was mounted on the stern pulpit.

The lock remains were left in the cockpit, where a similar lock secured the cabin companionway. The fuel tank remained in the cockpit, and was not taken. A report was made to the police, port captain, marina and announced on the VHF net.

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