Dominica – What To Expect Now

This update on services for visiting cruisers from local Hubert Winston of the Dominica Marine Center.

Published 5 years ago, updated 4 years ago


• There are about ten moorings available for visiting yachts. Marcus Augustus is the head of security with the Dominica Marine Association and he also has moorings of his own. Fuel and water could also be collected from the Dominica Marine Center fueling station. In the current absence of the fuel/water dock, take your dinghy to the beach or contact Marcus on VHF16 to assist with fuel collection.

• The Dominica Marine Center, the local Budget Marine agent, is open.

• Propane refills are done from the Dominica Marine Center. If the tanks are left there early enough in the mornings, you will expect your full tanks to return a few hours later.

• A limited number of restaurants are open. You can count on The Loft café near the gas station to be operating this month. Sukie’s Bakery is open with fresh bread and pastries being baked every morning.

• Supermarkets are also open, including Astaphan’s, S-Mart, Sukie’s Mini Mart, ACS Mini Mart – all within walking distance.


• There are ten newly installed moorings in the bay with an additional 40 more to be installed in time for Yachtie Appreciation Week, February 18th to 25th, 2018.

• The PAYS weekly Sunday night barbecue is back and tasting even better!

• The PAYS dinghy dock has been fixed and is operational.

• Jeff Frank (SeaBird) will have the water off the mooring by mid-January.

• Saturday farmers’ market is back and the fish market is also functioning, all in the same area.

• The Fisheries dock is still good, with security for your dinghies.

• Possie Bakery bakes fresh bread and pastries daily, and mini-marts are open all along Bay Street.

Full article by Hubert in January’s Caribbean Compass.- online from the 30th of December.

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