Dominica, Prince Rupert Bay: Dinghy Vandalised at PAYS Dock – August 2019

Having left their dinghy at the PAYS dinghy dock for 3 hours, the owners returned to find it had been vandalized, but not stolen.

Published 4 years ago

As reported by CSSN:

DATE: 2019-08-20 14:00
Country Name: Dominica
Location Detail: Prince Rupert Bay PAYS dock
EVENT: Vandalism
Stolen Items: None


Owners left their dinghy at the PAYS dinghy dock at 1400 HRS. When they returned at 1700 HRS they found it had been vandalized. It was full of sand and water, life jackets had been shredded, oars removed and the engine lifting harness compromised.

Nothing was stolen.

The PAYS office was closed but a report was made to a young man who was swimming nearby and identified himself as a member of PAYS.

Owners departed at first light.

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