Dominica, Prince Rupert Bay: Dinghy Stolen from Yacht at Anchor

A dinghy was stolen from a yacht anchored in the southern portion of Prince Rupert Bay, off Portsmouth, but of more concern was what happened after the dinghy was recovered according to this report from CSSN.

Published 2 years ago


DATE:  2022-06-14 02:30
LOCATION:  Dominica – Prince Rupert Bay – South End
EVENT:  Theft
HAND:  1
STOLEN ITEMS: Dinghy with electric motor, later recovered intact.

SECURED: Not locked.


A yacht anchored in the southern portion of Prince Rupert Bay. At 0230 HRS the captain went topside to raise and secure the dinghy/electric motor and discovered it was gone, and a small foam/wooden raft with a small paddle was tied to the stern. A VHF call was made, but it was not answered.

They noticed a skiff in the distance heading toward shore and began yelling for assistance. They also noticed a cellphone lit up on or near shore in the same direction. The center console skiff with 2 large and quiet outboards had 3 persons onboard, it turned and came alongside the yacht. After some discussion and argument among the 3 men onboard, they reluctantly agreed to take the captain to look for the missing dinghy. They headed in a different direction, but when pointed at the location where the cellphone light had been seen, discovered the dinghy there. The dinghy was recovered, fully intact and its electric engine was still tilted, apparently not having been used to get the dinghy to shore. The captain offered to pay the men if they returned to the yacht, but they claimed to be in a hurry and sped away to the north.

The next day, PAYS (Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services) visited the yacht and encouraged a police report, which was made by phone. The crew also notified their agent in Roseau. The raft was left at a nearby dock with permission. That night after sunset the skiff, with 2 of the 3 men returned and the owners’ dogs announced their arrival with loud barking.

They came close by the yacht and were clearly expecting payment. They became upset when they were told a police report had been made, and were encouraged to support this effort with whatever they knew. When asked for their names the crew of the skiff refused to identify themselves. The yacht refused payment and the interaction became angry. The noise attracted the attention of people onshore, who began shining lights in their direction and yelling at the 2 men. The yacht crew asked the skiff to leave. The yacht crew repeated the skiff’s name and began visibly texting friends ashore who assured them the Coast Guard had been notified and would be there soon.

The skiff/2 men departed after 10 minutes of angry interaction. The CG arrived about 20 minutes later, and all the details of the prior and current evening, including the name of the skiff, were communicated. The next morning the yacht relocated to the northern portion of the bay, and advised PAYS of the prior evening’s events.

After a week with no followup from the police, coast guard or PAYS, the yacht departed.

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