Cuba, Marina Hemingway: Burglary of unoccupied yacht – July 2020

A yacht left in Cuba with a “minder” was burgled while berthed in Marina Hemingway.

Published 3 years ago

As reported by CSSN.

DATE: 2020-07-20 20:00
LOCATION: Cuba – Marina Hemingway
EVENT: Burglary
STOLEN ITEMS: laptop, tablet, GPS, sat phone, binoculars, tools, flashlight, etc.


A foreign flagged yacht was secured/locked dockside in Marina Hemingway in mid-March, a local “minder” was required and hired as the crew was required to leave Cuba. On July 20, the minder reported that the yacht had been burgled.

Many items had been stolen, a laptop, tablet, GPS, sat phone, binoculars, tools, flashlight, etc. The minder made reports on behalf of the owner to the marina and police.

The police visited and collected forensics and additional information. Serial number information was not readily available as it was onboard and owners/crew have not been able to return due to travel restrictions. It is not known if other yachts in the Marina have been similarly affected.

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