Cruising Equipment – What’s your most valuable list?

Published 7 years ago, updated 4 years ago

What equipment could you simply not do without? Please send noonsite your list, or link to your blog article on this subject.

15 Years of Liveaboard Cruising – What Equipment Works

The Hacking family has a very detailed “Equipment” section on their website covering all the equipment they have installed on their yacht for Pacific and the Indian Ocean cruising. So far the following equipment is detailed: LEDs, AIS, 3G Modems, Solar Panels, Anchors, Watermakers, Saildrives, and Epoxy Work.

Our most valuable cruising equipment

Mid-circumnavigation and after many years of cruising, SV Totem list their most important pieces of cruising gear.

Indian Ocean lookback: the best gear over ~7,000 miles

Sailing across the Indian Ocean put 6,901 miles under Totem’s keel. This article summarises the equipment that stood out for this cruising family.

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