Croatia Recommendations from Cruisers

Published 13 years ago, updated 6 years ago

The following comments are from sailors who have recently cruised in Croatia and contributed to a survey run in co-operation with Segeln magazine, about Mediterranean cruising recommendations.


Of all the countries we sailed in the Med between Slovenia and Gibraltar, Croatia easily tops them all.

Communications Tip

Get a local sim card to do romaing with. These can be easily purchased at any gas station or tobacco shop, but, you need to get someone to act as a local contact person. We paid 25 euros for this and had throughout the whole sailing areas in Croatia good and fast internet, very cheaply.



Little bit more remote island, unexpectedly very green with most beautiful scenery, lovely harbour.

Kornati Islands

Area marine reserve and you are charged for even anchoring. The marinas are run by a single agency and are very large. Early arrival at the marina is advised. Zadar has over 1000 berths.

I loved sailing in the Kornati Islands.

A lot of nice bays for anchorage, for example in the northern part of the Kornati (it’s a separate park) Bay of Magrovica (a cost like for each bay, even if you stay with the anchor). The Island of ZIRJE or Karprije – there are several really nice bays. Island of ZUT – a really good restaurant in the inside bay where the Marina is, but in the Southpart- The restaurant has some anchor-tons for guests.

Dubrovnik Marina

An absolute joy. Swimming pool, excellent food plus free entertainment, supermarkets that have to be the best I’ve come across in Croatia. Just beware of the taxi drivers if you fancy a trip into the heart of the city. They all fancy they’re Michael Schumacher, so hang on to your hats!

Island of Vis (port Komiza)

There is a great traditional Restaurant called Jastozera. From Komiza one can go to see the Blue Cave, the gem of the Adriatic, famous for its unique iridescent reflection of shades of blue and silver that delight the visitors.

Island of Dugi Otok – Nature Park Telascica

A very safe harbour, there is a salty lake in the middle of the island, beautiful nature.

Marina Agana, 6nm west of Trogir

Friendly, good shelter. Excellent for leaving the boat for periods during the season.


Trogir is a nice location in a historic walled town.

Very, very nice place to stay!


Go visit Pula – close to the anchoring you can do a nice tour in Pula and visit the amphitheatre.

For adrenaline junkies, go anchor at Osor, north of the village, on the East Bay. This is a very deep anchorage and very close to shore, tie a line ashore, and the next morning, be on time to go through the very narrow, high-speed channel without hitting the sides!


Great bay to wait for the weather to settle and then cross to Kvarner – no eating out, just wild nature, goats and some lonely houses.

Island of Otok Mljet

This Island has some great restaurants on the quaysides of secluded inlets. I had a memorable, tender fillet steak at Pomena. If you use their free mooring facility you are expected to eat there, but it’s still a good deal when you compare with the outlandish berthing prices charged by marinas (I paid 50 Euros for one night at Kortula 3 years ago), and you can totter back to your boat just outside the restaurant if you over-indulge.

Lastovo Island

And it’s harbour Pasadur, is a beautiful place. There is a good hotel & restaurant. The bay is well protected in all winds and it is an excellent place to wait for a good weather if you want to sail to Italy. There are also several good natural anchorage spots in the bay.

The island of Veli Drevenik (close to Split)

I would like to recommend a visit to this island. It has a fine safe harbour, without electricity or water. It is popular so requires early entry. But once in, there is a great restaurant with amazing grill specials. Just take a 10-minute walk from the harbour and you´ll find one of the best restaurants in the area: Ateljé Tramontana. They just have about 6 tables and the menu consists of a few dishes, meat or fish. The food, wine and additional is of top quality, mostly homemade or local. As an extra spicy touch, the view from the restaurant over the bay with the boats is fascinating! I´m happy to recommend this corner of Croatia as something extraordinary!

Otok Kornat – Tomasavec

The coast of Croatia was made for sailing. However, the rocky make up of seabed surrounding many of the islands can make anchor holding difficult. One way to get a good nights sleep is to pick up a mooring buoy. One of the cleanest, most peaceful, areas to do this is the North end of Otok Kornat at Tomasavac. The scenery is breathtaking here and there is a beautiful channel between Kornat and Katina. Also more mooring buoys on the Katina side of the channel. Associated with each set of mooring buoys is a restaurant I have enjoyed meals in both. Another point to aid sleep is that both areas are in parks and as such, there is no loud disco music emanating from the shore.

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