Compliments to CMP for replacement of bent Rocna anchor

Published 6 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I would like to share a good experience with CMP, manufacturer of Rocna anchors. In 2009 we purchased a Rocna 33 kg for our Allures 44. Later I learned from sailing magazines that we had one of a batch of anchors that were made in China. Possibly anchors of this batch could get a bent shaft due to a softer kind of steel but it was also possible that nothing would happen as different kinds of steel had been used for this batch of anchors.

We took off for our circumnavigation in July 2009 and had no problems with our anchor. On the contrary, we were very happy with it as it was setting quick and well in all types of bottom, excellent holding in strong winds often while other boats were dragging and no bending at all. Until June 2016. We were anchored in Rodrigues, Indian ocean, in strong veering winds. The anchor had dug in very deep, difficult to get it out, it emerged with a bent shaft.

We sailed on to Richards Bay South Africa where we contacted CMP in Canada, the manufacturer of Rocna. They looked at the pictures, desired the purchase slip and decided that we could exchange the old one for a new anchor at a chandler in Durban. Completely free of charge, after more than 7 years of heavy use! Compliments for this excellent after-sales service and looking forward to many more years of happy anchoring!

Gerrit and Anne-Mieke Weijers

Sy Fruit De Mer

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