Common sense practice for safe passage from Salalah to Aden

Published 14 years ago, updated 6 years ago

From a cruiser who has done the same trip

From Salalah, you will find many yachts on their way to the Red Sea all in the same position. Form a convoy with similar vessels (maintaining the same speed) and discuss the following rules of passage:

  • Assign a group leader, acting as the sole one to take the group

– Not more than 5 or 6 boats together being able to maintain the same speed

– Keep 5 or 6 miles off Yemen coast, no further!! (don’t use the corridor!)

– You will come across fishing nets so you must have a plan to cut nets off the propeller of any one boat if necessary

– Boats to be half a mile apart maximum

– Do not use nav lights at night but low power flashing lights just like the fishing boats

– Switch off AIS, switch on in case of attack

– Switch off Radar enhancers, again, switch on in case of attack

– Have radar on

– Listen out on both CHF 08 and 16

– Only speak on VHF if necessary and just 2W power channels

– Only very very short conversations on VHF

– Pre-arrange code names for places and waypoints

– Make a plan what to do when an attack occurs, who does what

– Very important, EVERYBODY must promise to keep together

– Decide beforehand whether to call in at Mukalla for diesel or a stop

– Decide beforehand towing plan if someone’s engine fails

– In case of emergency, call Mayday on both channel 16 and 08, try to keep the pirates away for as long as possible – even a short while will make assistance possible

– In case of boarding, stop the engine, remain calm, don’t resist.

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