Colombia, Punta Canoas: Theft from Yacht at Anchor

After being approached by a group of men late at night while anchored at Punta Canoas in Colombia, the next morning the crew of the yacht found that a Genoa furling line had been cut and stolen.

Published 1 year ago

Source:  CSSN

DATE:  2023-02-03 23:30

LOCATION:    Colombia – Punta Canoas

EVENT:  Theft


STOLEN ITEMS: Genoa Furling Line was cut and Stolen

SECURED: Not Locked


Owners decided to anchor for the night at 2130HRS at Punto Canoas after a long and tiring sail from Cabo de la Velas. They were the only boat in the anchorage. The crew awoke at 2330HRS when they heard people talking just beside their boat and shining lights into the cockpit. The captain went out and found 5-6 men in a panga claiming to be fishermen who thought they had run aground, and the men began asking many questions. One of them boarded, and asked for food. The captain spoke spanish and provided some food and asked that they leave to avoid problems since the yacht had not yet cleared in. The panga departed.

The next morning the crew found that the genoa furling line had been cut, and removed. A report was made to the marina on their arrival later that day.

CSSN NOTE:  If you are a victim, please take five minutes to complete the CSSN online incident report, it’s quick, confidential and keeps our cruising community fully and factually  informed.

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