Colombia, Islas del Rossario, Isla Grande: Outboard theft – December 2014

As reported by the Caribbean Security & Safety Net (CSSN)

Published 9 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Date: 20 December 2014

Country Name: Columbia

Location Detail: Rossario Islands Isla Grande

EVENT: Theft

Stolen Items: Yamaha outboard 15 HP stolen from the dinghy while the dinghy was hoisted alongside the boat. The motor was not locked but it was attached to the dinghy.

SECURED: Not Locked

DETAILS: The theft occurred while anchored in the lovely Rosario islands. The dinghy was hoisted. The motor was attached to the dinghy. Probably In the middle of the night, someone came alongside and removed the outboard. The crew never awoke and had no idea that this was happening. Alcohol was not a factor. The boat is a S/V with husband and wife, and two children on board. Reported to Police.

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