Colombia, Cartagena: Attempted Dingy Theft – March 2015

Published 9 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Anchored just off Club Nautico at 0100hrs I woke to a faint noise I could not identify. I stood up on my aft cabin bed and stuck my head out the open hatch to find one male on our aft boarding ladder leaning over the back of our tender, which was upon it davits, and another male leaning over it from a launcher. I yelled at them loudly and they bolted in their launcher after quickly starting it.

They left behind in our tender a glass bottle with the base smashed off, a weapon I suppose if I had of confronted them on deck?

The outboard is a brand new Yamaha 15hp 2 stroke and it was the night of the first day that we had used it. The outboard was locked to the tender with a stainless steel tube and heavy padlock. The tender was cabled to our boat with a 10mm stainless steel cable and a heavy lock.

Yesterday the boat beside us had its Kayak stolen in broad daylight. It was tethered to the back of their boat and while the guy was reading a book below a launcher came up beside it, it was untied, and motored off with. I arrived back at our boat shortly after to find him waving his arms at me for assistance. We searched for it in our tender, in the direction they went but, of course, it was gone.

We have stepped up our security.

Nick, Andrea, Ella And Millie Disney

S.V. Muneera

Melbourne, Australia

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