Cocos Keeling to Perth, Australia

Published 15 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I’m interested in finding out information regarding sailing from Cocos Island to get to the West Coast and finally sail on to Perth leaving the islands in September. What sort of conditions would we encounter? Is there anyone you know who has done this and would I be able to contact them? Or do you know of any websites that would assist us in making this decision regarding our journey?

Cocos to West Coast is not the easiest route at any time. In September the SE winds are still well established so my advice is to sail the best tack you can to get to the West Coast of Australia, then sail down the coast with whatever winds you find. You may get better conditions between seasons (late October) but must watch the weather as there is always the risk of an early cyclone (early November).

Jimmy Cornell, noonsite

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