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Published 8 years ago, updated 4 years ago

We sailed from Malaysia to Thailand in December 2014 and because we were getting a visa on arrival (as we were planning to fly back to Australia in a week’s time) we were advised that we had to pay a 20,000 Thai baht bond, in order for me, the captain to be able to leave the vessel in Thailand.

We were advised by the immigration officials at Ao Chalong, Phuket, that this could NOT be paid to them, but had to be paid at Phuket town immigration and that I had to present a copy of the flight details.

I chose to use an agent – Suwannee from Yacht Solutions in Phuket.  Yacht Solutions took my passport and flight details to Phuket immigration and arranged the bonding – so that I could leave the country.  The service was efficient, professional and I would highly recommend their services.  Unfortunately my flight to Australia was cancelled and as I was now leaving a day later, I had to get immigration to change the stamp in my passport to the correct date, otherwise, I couldn’t leave.  Suwannee also did this on my behalf – taking my passport again to immigration in Phuket and returning it to me for no charge.

When I reached immigration at Phuket airport they took me aside to check my paperwork and it was all in order.  When I return to Phuket in a few months, I will need to contact Yacht Solutions with my flight details as I will need to be escorted through immigration.

The formalities in Thailand are certainly not easy, but Yacht Solutions provide a wonderful service.

I would definitely advise other yachties to get a pre-arranged visa before arriving in Thailand with your vessel – then you won’t have to lodge a bond and the captain is free to leave the country when required.

Both the new Ao Chalong clearance office and online system were very efficient and made the process of checking in and out very easy.

Alison Innes

Rex 1

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