Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman: Attempted Theft from Moored Yacht

The captain of a yacht on a mooring in the Lobster Pot area of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands disturbed two men who had boarded his boat in the early hours of the morning.

Published 2 months ago

Source:  CSSN

DATE:  2023-01-24 04:00

LOCATION:   Cayman Islands (UK) – Grand Cayman – Lobster Pot Area

EVENT:  Attempted Theft

HAND:  1

STOLEN ITEMS: None/Not Successful



The captain of a yacht on a mooring was awakened by noise at 0400HRS, and investigated. Two men were outside his cockpit door and when challenged claimed to be “just fishing because they thought the boat was empty”. They did not have any fishing gear, only backpacks. The men left immediately without incident in a small rowboat.

A report was made the next day to the Coast Guard and Port Captain, who indicated they had suspects and that several dive boats had been boarded/theft the same night.

CSSN NOTE:  If you are a victim, please take five minutes to complete the CSSN online incident report, it’s quick, confidential and keeps our cruising community fully and factually  informed.

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