Carriacou, Tyrrel Bay: Armed Boarding & Robbery – An Update December 2011

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Posted December 24th 2011

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December 18th 2011 – Progress Reported in Tyrrel Bay Incident

On Saturday 17 December Carriacou police representatives of the Royal Grenada Police Force announced that four persons have been detained and charged in connection with the robbery and assault of two yachtsmen in Tyrrel Bay 14 December. Police investigations remain ongoing. As more facts relative to this incident are received by the Caribbean Safety and Security Net, they will be posted on this site.

The Carriacou police should be commended for their fast and efficient response to this incident. This is the first report to the Caribbean Safety and Security Net of a violent incident against yachts in Carriacou.

As more RELEVANT details become available I will post those also.


Caribbean Safety and Security Net

Original Report

Shortly after midnight on 14 December 2011, four masked men armed with at least one machete boarded a yacht anchored in Tyrrel Bay just after the crew returned from shore.

The boarders tied up the captain, beating him severely, and tied a plastic bag over the head of the woman. They then proceeded to ransack the boat, looking for money and threatening more bodily harm to both. Eventually, they left with a computer, a cell phone, and cash, taking the larger dinghy with outboard to shore, where they carefully clipped it to a mooring line.

The captain broke his bonds, rescued the woman and the two rowed over to a nearby boat in their small dinghy. The captain of that boat phoned the police, who came on scene promptly to investigate.

Just after daybreak, the larger dinghy was found on the beach, with a machete left inside. The police were again called and they came out a second time, retrieving the machete as evidence. The injured captain did not need hospitalization but visited a local doctor that morning.

This is the first violent incident in Tyrrel Bay reported to the Caribbean Safety and Security Net.

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