Caribbean, Martinique, Fort de France: Mugged after clearing-in – February 2014

This incident occurred in Fort de France, Martinique, on February 3, 2014, at 5:30 p.m., about 100 feet from the entrance to Leader Price Supermarket.

Published 10 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Shortly after arriving in Martinique we went ashore to check in and do some shopping.

We were walking back to the boat when suddenly a man (over 6 feet tall, 220 + pounds) attacked us from behind. He grabbed at the backpack on Frank’s right arm, (we think to distract Frank), then the man pushed between the two of us and reached into Frank’s left front right pocket for his money. We all landed on the ground. He managed to get the money and kicked and punched his way free.

There were several locals around us at the time of the attack but, the attacker was so big and strong looking that no one dared get physically involved.

This all happened just a block from the market on the busy main street across the street from the bus station. One man ran after the attacker but was probably relieved to have not caught him.  Another person called the police and several stayed with us until they arrived.

We both had some bumps and bruises but Frank also had a laceration above his eyebrow. Frank’s serious problem is that his left bicep tendons were torn from the bone and the muscle has receded up his arm. We saw a doctor in Martinique and were told surgery is required to repair the tendons.  We decided to go back to St. Lucia because there is a very good orthopedic surgeon in Castries and we could be in the marina at Rodney Bay during convalescence.

We’ve been told Frank will have his arm immobile for 3 weeks and then physical therapy for 3 weeks with limited use of the arm following that for some weeks after.

We’ve always been careful with carrying money. We divide up our money into our front pockets. We think the attacker was in the market and saw which pocket Frank put his money in. We were lucky, things could have been worse. The attacker could have used a weapon.

People often say, “don’t fight, just give them what they want.”  Everything happened so fast, in about 10 seconds.  There was no time to think of any other type of reaction.

Linda and Frank

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