Caribbean: Cruisers’ Facebook Groups

A round-up of some of the most-used Caribbean Cruisers Facebook Pages. Useful places to get real-time advice, recommendations and information from cruisers like you in the Caribbean. If you are using a useful Facebook page for your cruising in the Caribbean that is not in this list, please let us know the name and URL so we can add it to the list (send to [email protected]).

Published 8 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Antigua Cruisers

Bahamas Land and Sea

Caribbean Navigator: For safety and security issues only, including navigation warnings, severe weather etc.

Eastern Caribbean Cruisers’ Discussions


Sailing and Cruising: Cuba

Cuba Land and Sea

Dominica Cruisers (P.A.Y.S.)

English language for yachts cruising the islands of Martinique, St Barths, Guadeloupe, Marie- Galante and Les Iles des Saintes in Eastern Caribbean.

French Islands

Grenada Cruisers Information

Guadeloupe Cruisers & Friends
Martinique Cruisers Information & Events

Panama Cruisers

Rio Dulce Net

San Blas Cruisers

St. Lucia

Sint Maarten Cruisers & Boaters

St Vincent and Grenadines

Tobago Cruisers

Trinidad Cruiser

USVI Cruisers

Venezuela Cruisers

Women Who Sail Western Caribbean

Women Who Sail Eastern Caribbean

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