Beagle Channel Chile / Ushuaia Update

Published 15 years ago, updated 5 years ago

(updates received 27 January 2009)

Puerto Williams – Chile

Chile has relaxed the 10-day cruising limit and there seems no problem for extended trips into the channels. The atmosphere in Puerto Williams is considerably more relaxed than it was 6 months ago. The port only closes now if the weather is truly horrible.

The Port Captain does require the yacht to maintain a listening watch on Channel 16 and where practical inform the nearest VHF radio station of your position on a daily basis.

With the changing prices, diesel in Puerto Williams is not much more expensive than Ushuaia and of better quality. Also, it can be delivered to the dock by prior arrangement.

Ushuaia – Argentina

AFASyN is increasing their fees again. Also, use of the workshop may require payment of a fee. AFASyN is offering a limited free Wi-Fi service. There has been some sporadic activity observed in improving the dock.

Fueling requires the use of drums or jerry cans and there is a charge per drum to transport fuel down to the dock.

Also, Ushuaia customs are policing yachts more minutely. It is very important to clear with customs as soon as you arrive – even on weekends and holidays. Yachts have been fined for delaying. You will receive a temporary import permit valid 8 months.

If Customs determines a yacht to be commercial they may require you to use the services of a shipping agent. Their definition of “commercial” is not clear but could include having a website or being an IAATO member.

Jonathan Selby

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