Bahamas: Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park Fees and Restrictions

Outline of the fees and restrictions for boats visiting the 176-square-mile park.

Published 4 years ago

Known for its pristine beauty, outstanding anchorages and breathtaking marine environment the park includes:

Little Wax Cay, Shroud Cay, Little Pigeon Cay (private), Hawksbill Cay, Little Hawksbill Cay, Cistern Cay (private), Long Cay, Warderick Wells, Halls Pond Cay, Little White Bay Cay, South Halls Pond Cay (private), Soldier Cay (private) O’Brien’s/ Pasture Cays, Bell Island (private), Little Bell Island (private) and Rocky Dundas.

Coordinates of Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park Boundaries in Degrees / Minutes / Seconds:

NW corner: Lat 24 deg 30′ 37 ” N Long 76 deg 52′ 37″W

NE corner: Lat 24 deg 35′ 30″ N Long 76 deg 45′ 50″ W

SE corner: Lat 24 deg 18′ 37″ N Long 76 deg 28′ 47″ W

SW corner: Lat 24 deg 14′ 25″ N Long 76 deg 36′ 02″ W

Anchoring and Mooring Fees:

There are seven mooring fields throughout the park. The ones at Shroud Cay, Hawksbill Cay, and Cambridge Cay are first to come, first served. Moorings at Warderick Wells are assigned by park staff. Contact the ECLSP Office on VHF channel 16 or 09 during office hours for mooring assignment.

Anchoring is allowed outside of mooring fields.

Mooring Fees:

Up to 39’ 11”  $20

40’ to 49’11”   $30

50’ to 59’11”   $40

60’ to 69’11”   $70

70’ to 89’11”   $95

Daily Anchoring Fees:

< 90’ $0.50 per foot

90’ and above $1.00 per foot

Payment can be made with a credit card at park headquarters, with cash at park drop boxes or online at the Bahamas National Trust website.

Rules and Regulations:

The park is a no-take zone.

  • The Land and Sea Parks have been designated marine replenishment areas and nurseries for The Bahamas, therefore, the hunting, trapping, netting, capture, or removal of any fish, turtle, crawfish, conch, whelk, or any marine and/or fisheries resource in or from the Park is prohibited.
  • The destruction, injury or removal of any living or dead plant life, beach sand, coral, sea fan or gorgonians from the Parks is prohibited.
  • The molestation, injury or destruction of any land animal or bird life or the eggs of any animal or bird is prohibited as is the use of nets or snares for the taking or destruction of any animal or bird life in the Parks.
  • Dumping of any wastes oil or rubbish either in land or in the sea is prohibited.
  • No person shall injure, deface, or remove any building, structure, sign, ruins or other artifacts within the Parks.
  • The posting of any sign, placard, advertisement or notice within the Parks is prohibited as is the erection of any building, shed, tent or other structure.
  • No person shall display, use, fire or discharge any explosives, firearm, harpoon gun within the Parks.
  • Any person charged with an offense against any of these by-laws shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding $500 and to the confiscation of any vessel and of all equipment, stores, provisions or other effects used for the purpose of committing the offense.
  • Note: Park Wardens request all visitors to report any poaching or other unusual activity they may observe – no fishing, shelling, coaching of any kind is permitted within Exuma Park boundaries.
  • Pets are restricted to beaches only – No pets permitted on trails or in the brush.
  • All vessels (including dinghies & jet skis) must operate at idle speed in any mooring field or anchorage.
  • Anchoring is not permitted in the mooring fields, on coral reefs and certain other designated areas within Exuma Park.

Call “Exuma Park” on Channel # 09 to report suspicious activity.

You can remain anonymous if desired – simply identify your vessel as “Miss Molly” or another fictitious name to remain anonymous.

* See Cruising World’s article for more about the park.

* See Bahamas poaching report for more about no-take.


“Exuma Park” monitors VHF 09 and 16

Phone: 242-601-7438

Email: [email protected]

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