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I’m sailing my Robert’s 53′ back to Washington state from Sydney, Au. My plan is to go to Fiji, Hawaii, and then to the Columbia River. I would leave Sydney about May 15th or so. Planning to stop in Fiji for two weeks and then push on non-stop to Hawaii. That leg is a bit of a mystery to me. I’m guessing it’s about 3300nm. What do you think of this plan? I didn’t see much info in the World Cruising Routes. I’m guessing that’s because it’s not all that common. Do you have any advice for this voyage? Thanks for your time.

That’s about the worst route you could have ever chosen!

No, the only and best way to go is this:

Sydney to Opua in New Zealand, stay on that latitude and continue east with prevailing westerlies. Try to get a good forecast, but don’t go too far south, definitely not below 38 S.

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You have 2 options: turn north at the Cooks, stop at Rarotonga, etc, or go as far as the Australs, turn N for Tahiti… then Line Islands (clear in at Christmas Island, but do stop at Fanning) and then head for Hawaii (it will most probably be hard on the wind!). I sailed that route in 1999 and had no problems.

From Hawaii swing N ideally around the N Pacific High… and home…or do what many do, if you have calmed, go through the high with plenty of fuel!

Jimmy Cornell, noonsite

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