Australia, Brisbane to the Mediterranean

Published 15 years ago, updated 4 years ago

We are seeking to return to the Med from Brisbane in the fastest possible way, leaving Brisbane in April. What route would you recommend?

April start: Sail up the Barrier Reef to Torres Strait and on to Bali.

From there you have two options:

(1) Singapore, Malaysia possible Phuket…wait until December/January to cross Indian Ocean, up Red Sea, and the Med. Earliest ETA March 2008.

(2) Cocos-Mauritius-S. Africa… wait in Cape Town until December/Jan, then St Helena, Ascension, Cape Verdes, Canaries, Gib, ETA Med April 2008.

You cannot do it faster and safer than this.

I sailed option 2 last year and it went all well.

I hope you have my World Cruising Routes that has details of all those routes.

Jimmy Cornell, noonsite

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