Attack on Yacht in Carriacou – Update on Reaction by Local Community

Published 11 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I note that you reported the incident which took place on 2 persons aboard a yacht in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou on 14 December. I would like to provide you with an update on this incident, the reaction of the local community and the response of the local police in the hope of reassuring cruisers about the beautiful and peaceful island of Carriacou.

On Friday (December 16) the police arrested and charged 4 persons with this incident. These persons are currently being held in the cells in Hillsborough Police Station awaiting due process. The police have dealt with this incident in a most serious and professional manner. They fully understand the concerns of not only the visiting cruisers but also the local community in Tyrell Bay and the rest of Carriacou. The police in Carriacou take their job to serve and protect everyone on the island, whether local or visitor, very seriously and work tirelessly with the local community to ensure that Carriacou remains peaceful and free of crime. Those few isolated incidents which happen and which could have a potentially devastating effect are dealt with swiftly and seriously.

The local community is shocked and saddened at this crime. Carriacou is known for its friendly people and everyone who has visited knows that the local community welcomes all visitors with open arms. They would also know that the incident which happened is very unusual and out of character for Carriacou. It is mainly thanks to the attitude of the local community that many cruisers return to Carriacou year after year and some even choose to leave their boats and move to land here.

The Grenada Board of Tourism is currently working on increasing tourism to the island and yachting is a main focus of the new strategy. This incident is being taken so seriously that the Director of Tourism took time out of his busy schedule to attend a recent meeting about this incident. The meeting was held on Saturday 17 December in Tyrell Bay between visiting cruisers and other visitors, the community, the police (including the Inspector of Police and several Sergeants) and the Director of Tourism. The meeting was to update the community and reassure visitors that the incident is being addressed and show support to those who may, understandably, be feeling nervous.

Carriacou is and will always remain unspoilt, peaceful, beautiful and I not only speak about the island but her people also. The incident that happened is the equivalent of the one bad apple in the sack. That has now been removed and the rest of the apples remain for all to enjoy.

I hope this is useful information for all who read.


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