Antigua, St. John’s: Burgled while ashore – December 2018

Published 4 years ago

As reported by the Caribbean Safety & Security Net.

DATE: 2018-12-20 15:00

Country Name: Antigua/Barbuda

Location Detail: Antigua St. John’s

EVENT: Burglary


Stolen Items: Cash, iPod, iPhone, credit card, gold necklace



While owners were ashore during the afternoon, their anchored yacht was boarded and thieves used a winch handle found in the cockpit to defeat the companionway lock. After gaining access they then ransacked the interior and stole several small easily concealed items – iPhone, iPod, cash, credit card, and a gold necklace.

Several calls were placed to 911 and received no followup that day.

Calls to the harbor authority on VHF16 were not answered.

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