Antigua, Jolly Harbour Boatyard: Burglary while owners absent – December 2016

Published 6 years ago, updated 4 years ago

DATE: 2016-12-01 12:00

Country Name: Antigua/Barbuda

Location Detail: Antigua Jolly Harbor Marina

EVENT: Burglary


Stolen Items: Cameras, grinder, drill



A motor yacht stored on the hard for hurricane season was burgled. The yacht was securely locked and a key provided to Boatyard/Marina office. The owners returned in December 2016 and found no signs of forced entry, but were surprised to find a payroll slip for a Jolly Harbor marina employee inside the boat. The employee had no approval or reason to be inside the locked boat. Marina/yard management was advised of the payslip but offered no comment or explanation.

A few weeks later the owners discovered that tools had been taken from various storage compartments inside the yacht. When they examined the yacht’s safe they discovered its hinge had been pried off from the rear and then carefully replaced, and the extensive camera equipment stored there was all missing as well.


This is the third theft suffered by a stored yacht at this yard this season. Keys supplied to the office seem not to be kept under control, and were used to enter and remove property from the stored yachts/lockers, and then returned to the office. If you leave your yacht and provide a key to anyone, be certain to understand how and where that key is kept secure, and how to access/use is controlled, and in the case of multiple access, is signature logged. Any unusual findings on return to the yacht should prompt immediate consultation with the yard management, and a thorough search of key areas/contents made at that time.

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