Anguilla, Road Bay: Break-in and Burglary – January 2020

Reported by CSSN: While the owners were ashore for dinner a locked yacht was broken into and burgled.

Published 4 years ago

As reported by CSSN.

DATE: 2020-01-17 20:00
LOCATION: Anguilla (UK) – Road Bay
EVENT: Burglary
STOLEN ITEMS: laptop and iPhone


While ashore for dinner between 8-9:30PM a yacht was burgled.

There was significant damage to the entry and severe ransacking of the interior.

The thieves found and stole a laptop and iPhone, damaged textiles and other electronics (iPad and Google phone).

A police report was made, the police investigators indicated that similar events have occurred in this anchorage recently. The owner also indicated that a dinghy oar and fuel had been stolen at the dinghy dock.

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