An Update on Harbours in Morocco – Dec 2008

Published 14 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Nov 2008 we visited harbours in Morocco.

Marina Rabat was still cheap but some prices are expected to go up when the first apartments are finished. Their internet was troublesome; easy to connect but very difficult to get through.

Mohamedia has a tiny marina behind the fishing harbour, old but with friendly staff and priced according to the Spanish Atlantic coast.

Safi has no marina, no facilities, water or electrics, but costs little. The official’s harbour personnel and customs are asking baksheesh.

Agadir marina – no internet, very expensive, the staff is aware of this medetarainian prices.

Boat part shops were non-existent although an electronic store is planned.

The haul out costs here are extremely expensive. In and out is 9843 Dirham about Euro 895, 3 days on the hard per day 1905 Dirham / Euro 173/day and longer as 3 day’s 3375 Dirham / Euro 307 /day.

The exchange rate at the time was about 11 Dirham to the Euro.

Only one construction yard was operational but loaded with work. The other construction yard doing catamarans is closed by the customs authority and nobody knows when it opens again if it opens at all.

On request, we can supply the haulout quote.

Lucas & Matty on S/V Lambada

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