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Published 15 years ago, updated 4 years ago

I have noticed that recommended circumnavigation routes (in World Cruising Routes) from the U.S. are no shorter than 18-20 months if you leave from the East Coast in November. The problem is, I will begin medical school in August 2008, so I must, of course, be back in time. “Route G” in World Cruising Routes fits my schedule perfectly, but unfortunately does not go all the way around the world. My main question is: Is there any way at all to sail west from the East Coast in April/May 2007 and go all the way around the world and make it back by July/August 2008 (perhaps the shortest possible route)? We’re not looking for too much tourism or expensive/extended entertainment on land everywhere we go. We want to sail. If this cannot be done, please tell me. However, if it is possible, however difficult, we would like to consider it.

Not an easy one! But it can be done.

Plan to sail for Panama as soon as you can leave. Take the Outer Bahamas (San Salvador) offshore route, Windward Passage, Panama (I have sailed it twice – easy).

Transit Panama Canal (get an agent to gain time – see noonsite for details).

Head for Galapagos, one week stop max. then Marquesas. ETA June.

Cross South Pacific with stops in all interesting islands late June-late September (do-able).

Make sure you are through Torres Strait by late September. Stop in Darwin for overhaul, etc. Good facilities.

Maybe stop in Bali, definitely Cocos… but it’s all go to get to Reunion in good time!

Cross South Indian Ocean before onset of cyclone season (Nov-April). So leave Reunion late October at the latest. ETA Richards Bay early Nov. Continue, with good forecasts to Cape Town. Fly home for Xmas, or get family to join you there.

Early Jan sail to St Helena, cross to Brazil (if not too much in a hurry – time it to be there for Carnival).

Mid-late-Feb (depending on dates of Carnival) sail parallel to S. America coast to Eastern Caribbean. Make landfall in Grenada (March). Enjoy the Caribbean for 2 months. Late May/early June head NE, possibly via Bermuda… and you’ll be home with at least one month to spare. Don’t leave E. Caribbean (Virgins, St Martin) too late so you are not overtaken by an early hurricane. Late May/early June should be perfect.

Good luck!

Jimmy Cornell, noonsite

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    Good advice – just wondering though, why getting through Torres Strait before end of September?