Additional berthing options in Mayotte

Published 11 years ago, updated 5 years ago

Mamoudzou Marina as seen from the ferry: © Michael Barzam

02 September 2013

Regarding Mayotte: In addition to the A.C.H.M there is a marina in Mamoudzou, on Grand Terre, which is full of local motorboats; more, including a few sailboats are on moorings in the not so protected bay.

The man in charge, Frederic, maintains that the check-in document should be returned to him with the customs and immigration stamps/signatures. The form says: “return this document to the marina office”. On departure, once the form is completed at the relevant authorities, he is the man issuing the port clearance for departure, so, again, one should come to him. He said something to the effect he could come over to A.C.H.M to do it if required (?). He also said the departure procedure could be done on the weekend too.

Michael Barzam



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