A Visit To Christmas/Kirimati Island

Published 18 years ago, updated 5 years ago

The customs office is at the container yard by the new pier. They are a long walk from town and the offices are not always open. We found it helpful to check with immegration in London (they do keep regular hours) and to have them telephone customs and set a time meet with the customs officials…

If anchoring offshore in the Northern hemisphere winter anchorage should be taken in at least 10 meters of water because very large NW swells can place shallower anchorages in the surf zone. Anchorage can be taken anywhere along the shore. I dove on the area between the new peir an the pass and found the bottom to be hard pan with no significant areas of sand. Although we had no problems the holding should be considered suspect.

Yachts with powered tenders may find the landing inside the lagoon in the Port of London to be easier and safer than the beach landing outside as long as the pass is not closing out. With a 2.85 meter tender and a 5 hp motor we found the trip to the port a bit wet and long but still worth the effort.

Tom & Maryann

s/v “Linda”

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