Venezuela: Closing of Sea Border Adds Risk to Southern Caribbean

Published: Feb 27, 2019 03:59 PM
Contributors: Mary Stone & Alejandro Linares

Venezuela closes border to Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

Published 4 years ago

Venezuela Flag
Venezuela Closes Sea Border

Venezuela has now closed its air and sea border to the three Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, in an effort to block the aid shipments currently being stockpiled in Curaçao. The closure comes ahead of a tense Saturday deadline calling on President Nicolás Maduro to end the blockade of humanitarian aid intended for the Venezuelan population.

With Russian ships and anti-ship bombers in the region, cruisers in the area should pay special attention to this border closure, and ensure they steer well clear of Venezuelan waters.

Alejandro Linares from Yacht Services Roques, cautions vessels to stay away from Venezuelan Waters, “For now any vessel going to Venezuela is at high risk of getting caught in cross fire. Anyone who attempts to go there will be in trouble due to political turmoil and corruption.”

Mary Stone, a long-term liveaboard in Curacao, offers the following advice to cruisers in the area:

Cruisers transiting the southern Caribbean who may enter or exit Venezuelan waters and/or waters adjacent to ABC waters, may wish to exercise caution particularly if the vessel’s flag is one from a country participating in sanctions against Venezuela or from a country who has announced support for the new regime (particularly American flagged vessels).

1. Have a valid Zarpe from last port to next port that is current and does not list any port in Venezuela.

2. Be sure boat papers are in order in case they are requested by authorities.

3. Avoid drawing attention by engaging in suspicious navigational practices such as running dark, staying too long at stopover islands or approaching mainland ports.

4. The waters between ABC’s and Venezuela are monitored by modern radar operated by several countries and most vessels are easily tracked.

5. There are naval patrol vessels providing almost complete coverage of the area. Air patrols are common day and night.

6. Although boarding is not typical it is possible given the current tensions. Planning for a boarding event can’t hurt (any contraband or weapons could bring a severe response by authorities).

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