USVI: Clarification of Short-term Anchoring Restrictions

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources confirm short-term anchoring restrictions are in place in designated anchorages.

Published 4 years ago

The recent boarding of a vessel by the Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) in Brewers Bay, St Thomas has led to confusion about the anchoring regulations that are currently in place in the USVI.

The DNPR has now confirmed that short term anchoring restrictions are being enforced in all designated anchorages in the USVI. The regulations restrict a vessel to a 14-day stay any harbor in a six month period.

This means vessels may anchor in a designated anchorage for up to 14 days. After that time they must move to a new bay or harbor (where the 14-day regulation is reset) or they can apply for a long-term permit which allows a stay in the same bay for up to 30 days.

For more information visit the Department of Planning and Natural Resources office (DPNR), facebook page, or website or visit the USVI Facebook group.

Designated Anchorages in the USVI

St. Thomas

  • Benner Bay
  • Charlotte Amalie Harbor (Long Bay)
  • Red Hook
  • Cowpet Bay
  • Water Bay
  • Hull Bay
  • Jersey Bay
  • Long Bay
  • Vessup Bay
  • Bolongo Bay
  • Elephant Bay
  • Secret Harbor
  • Water Island
  • Flamingo Bay
  • Honeymoon Bay (Druif Bay)

St. John

  • Coral Bay Harbor
  • Great Cruz Bay
  • Cruz Bay
  • Chocolate Hole

St. Croix

  • Christiansted Harbor
  • Frederiksted Harbor
  • Chenay Bay
  • Cotton Garden Bay
  • Salt River
  • Teague Bay

Source: Department of Planning and Natural Resources USVI

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