UK: Man rescued from trimaran off Portland after 11-hour search

A SAILOR was rescued from a dismasted trimaran following an 11-hour-search. Report by the Dorset Echo.

Published 8 years ago, updated 4 years ago

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A huge search and rescue mission involving Portland and Lee-on-Solent helicopters and the lifeboats from Weymouth, Yarmouth and Bembridge, was sparked on Monday evening.

Rescuers spent around 11-hours out searching for the trimaran in weather conditions that reached force six to seven winds and wave heights of two meters.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said they received a ‘spoken word’ May Day on a VHF radio at around 5 pm on Monday and a search was begun which ran from the Isle of Wight along the Jurassic Coast and out into the Channel.

Coastguards at the MOC in Fareham said they were called at around 4 am yesterday (Tues) by the British naval vessel HMS St Albans, reporting they were standing by a dismasted trimaran with one person visible on top of the damaged vessel. The RNLI all-weather lifeboat from Weymouth went to the scene and recovered the 52-year-old man.

Andy Sergeant coxswain for Weymouth lifeboat said they went to the scene and HMS Albans was there, illuminating the area.

Mr Sergeant said: “The man was in the cockpit. Both hull riggers had become detached from the hull. The mast had come down. It was basically just the centre part of the boat still floating.”

Mr Sargent said the man was glad to see the rescuers.

He added that the lifeboat went alongside and helped the man onto the lifeboat, where he was assessed for any medical issues or injuries.

The coastguard helicopter arrived and was going to lift the man off the lifeboat, but because of the weather conditions and because the man was not injured a decision was made that he should return to Weymouth with the lifeboat, Mr Sergeant said.

Mr Sargent said an ambulance was waiting for the man when they got to shore and described the casualty’s condition as ‘walking wounded.’ He said: “He was able to get off the boat on his own and walk ashore to the ambulance.”

The man is currently in a stable condition recovering at Dorset County Hospital a spokesman for the hospital confirmed.



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