Tsunami-Warn.com offers advice to Skippers

Published 12 years ago, updated 4 years ago

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Experts estimate about 80% of Tsunami occur in the Pacific Ocean.

More than 75% of the volcanoes in the world – both active and dormant, are found in countries within the Ring of Fire. About 80% of major earthquakes are related to activity within the Ring.

Tsunamis are usually generated by large earthquakes – and after Japan, Hawaii, and Indonesia, New Zealand is rated as one of the most likely places to be affected by Tsunami. As recently seen in Japan, and just a few years ago in Indonesia, Tsunami’s can be devastating.

Tsunami-Warn.com has created a website designed to give subscribers early warning tsunami alerts. The system has been set up for people who live on or near the coast, – who may be sleeping at night, – or spends time at the beach, or at sea.

Tsunami-Warn.com is a New Zealand based company and can send SMS text messages, warning of a possible or impending tsunami threat, to your mobile phone – any time of day or night. The alert contains information of a recent earthquake that is likely to create a tsunami, – giving location, time and date, magnitude and depth. It also gives you an estimated color-coded threat level and a link to the early warning bulletin issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre. Since the large earthquake in Japan, there have been over 6 bulletins issued for low-level tsunami threats in the Pacific.

The website also contains some excellent information about tsunami, – and answers many questions for those who aren’t experts. It gives good guidance on what to do in the event of a tsunami warning being issued, and has a particularly good Mariners page, giving advice to skippers, boaties and fishermen. It is easy to join, using a secure subscription page, and once a member, there is no further cost. A confirmation txt confirms your subscription and any alert texts sent to your mobile are free. The subscription fee of $29.00 inc GST is all-inclusive.

Check out the website at www.Tsunami-Warn.com [BROKEN LINK]

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