Thailand: Nine Britons Rescued from burning yacht off Phuket

Nine British tourists were rescued, on the 3rd November, from their burning yacht after it was struck by lightning. The incident occurred whilst they were anchored in Au Kung bay near Phuket.

Published 5 years ago

yacht at anchor in Phuket on fire
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BBC  News Report

Nine British tourists have been rescued from their burning yacht after it was struck by lightning off Thailand. They were on board the 50ft (15m) chartered boat off the coast of Phuket when they ran into a tropical storm on Saturday. The group understood to be from Scotland, sheltered below deck but the yacht was hit by a lightning bolt. A passing fishing boat helped the stricken crew and holidaymakers, and no-one was injured.

Police received a mayday call at around 17:00 and coastguards were dispatched to the scene near the Thalang district. Marine chief Wiwat Chitchertwong said all the holidaymakers – four married couples and another woman – were safely rescued. He said: ”Police was notified at 5 pm that there were heavy rain and lightning that struck the boat. This caused a fire. ”People were already sheltering downstairs in the boat to shelter from the rain when the lightning struck.” Lt Col Brakpan Chanprakon added: ”There were nine passengers on board and assisted by fishing ships they landed safely. There were no injuries or deaths.

”The police department is investigating and speaking with witnesses and boat owner.”

One couple on board were William and Lilias Tennant, from Lanark in South Lanarkshire.

Image of the people recused off a burning yacht in Phuket, Thailand
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The Reverend Bryan Kerr, of GreyfriarsPhoto courtesy of Viral PressParishChurch, where the Tenants are elders, said they were both keen sailors. He said: “We are giving thanks that everyone is safe and for those who came to their rescue.”

The tourists on board have been named as Kelvin Atkinson, 65, and Susan Atkinson, 64; Catherine Toy, 64, and Stewart Toy, 66; William Tennant, 65, and Lilias Tennant, 68; Anne Anderson, 63, and Martin Anderson, 59; and Margaret Hamilton, 64.

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