SSCA Radio Station “KPK” Teams With Chris Parker and MMSN to assist Solo Circumnavigator Donna Lange

Seven Seas Cruising Association Radio Station “KPK” has teamed up with the Maritime Mobile Service Network and Chris Parker’s Marine Weather Center to help track SSCA Commodore and solo circumnavigator Donna Lange as she makes her way North to the Panama Canal. “KPK” had kept in communication with Donna as propagation allowed during her circumnavigation.

Published 7 years ago, updated 4 years ago

Donna was hit with a violent storm several weeks ago in which her 28’ Southern Cross was knocked down twice resulting in the loss of all her communications with the exception of her VHF radio. The last communication with Donna was on 3/5/16 when she was contacted by a commercial ship via VHF radio. At that time Donna was located at 16-20.4S x 084-22.0W sailing due North at 5 knots.

Chris Parker has graciously agreed to plot Donna’s predicted course toward the Panama Canal, based on the local weather and currents at her predicted location. Chris Parker did the same type of prediction at KPK’s request last year which resulted in the rescue to two Bahamian fishermen.

Chris is sending out this information every afternoon to the Net Controllers of the Maritime Mobile Safety Network, who is then broadcasting the information on SSB frequency 14.300. Mariners in or around Donna’s approximate position are requested to attempt contact via VHF radio and ascertain her location, course, and speed so that she may be more accurately tracked as she makes her way toward the Panama Canal.

Today, Chris predicted she would be near 10-50S/83-50W.

Once Donna makes it to Panama it will be a challenge to assist her in the logistics of transiting the canal. But this is what the SSCA is all about…Cruisers helping other Cruisers. Donna will prevail in her Second Time Around!

SSCA Radio “KPK” broadcasts daily at 1215 Hrs UTC or 0715 hrs EST on 8104 with news from the Caribbean Safety & Security Net and other news from around the Bahamas and Caribbean. “KPK” also is happy to assist any cruiser with land-based resources. All cruisers are welcome and encouraged to participate. Comments or suggestions regarding SSCA Radio “KPK” may be sent to [email protected].

Glenn Tuttle – Net Manager

SSCA Radio Station “KPK

Punta Gorda, FL


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  1. March 27, 2019 at 5:17 AM
    Data Entry3 says:

    Update 4 May 2016

    Donna has left ShelterBay Marina Panama, is sailing north towards Florida. She has her radio, Delorme, and wind pilot all operational again. The goal is to reach Rhode Island by the end of May.

  2. March 27, 2019 at 5:16 AM
    Data Entry3 says:

    Update 16 March 2016

    Donna is safe tonight and making slow progress to the canal. At 6:34 pm INSPIRED INSANITY was located at 2.32 N, 81.29 W. She was moving north at the time of transmission. All is well aboard. Donna has been swimming with the dolphins and that is her interaction with others until she reaches Panama. She is happy.